Hi, Boys!

Man-o-man have you fellas been great! I have been so busy the past couple of months thanks to my amazing customers! I have done everything from strip shows to waitressing.

If it wasn't for you and all of the support I receive, I wouldn't have been able to last. But with the positive feed back I constantly receive, you have all made it possible. Never have I had so much fun at work.

The past few weeks have been non-stop action. It has been incredibly fun, but also exhausting. I am afraid I need a bit of a break to recharge my cells.

I am going on Holidays! I am going to relax, work on my chi like Iron Fist, and perfect my craft. By the time I come back my name will still be Crystal, but I will be as perfect as a diamond. Healthy soul, healthy body, and there is nothing better for the soul than a nice relaxing me-time.

When I get back it will be you-time, and it will be anything but relaxing, baby!

I am looking forward to taking some time off, but I can assure you, I will be itching to get back into the action. So make sure you contact me to make a booking, so we can get rocking as soon as I am back. And remember, everyone works harder just after a break, so be sure to get in early so you have me at my very best!

If you need my services, and wont settle for some second rate job, don't fret, you can still contact me while I am away to get details about when I will be available again. Seriously, even on Holidays I would be more than happy to hear from my customers and work out a booking for when I am back.

Thank you all, and see you again soon!

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